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KENYAN Coffee 


Kenyan coffee is one of the most sought after single origins in the world and is predominantly Arabica species. It is processed through wet processing method and a slow tank fermentation allows the beans to become very clean from mucilage residue before running them through the washing channels and onto racks for sun drying with regular rotation.


Coffee Grades:

Coffee in Kenya undergoes a grading system which is simply a measure of the size, weight and shape of the bean. The grade sizes in order from the largest to the smallest are AA, AB, PB, C, E, TT and T.
Kenya AA is Kenya's highest grade of coffee.


Our Green Coffee is purchased directly from coffee farmers and is available to our wholesale customers for roasting.


 The price depends on the coffee GRADE & VOLUME ordered. 

Roasted COFFEE

We meticulously roast our coffee 
to extract the inherent aroma, sweetness and body found in Kenyan coffee.

The price depends on the
coffee GRADE & VOLUME ordered.

Local Roasting

We offer local roasting services where we carefully select and blend coffee to create the ideal filter coffee.


The price depends on the
coffee GRADE & VOLUME ordered.

Ground Coffee
Sweetening Coffee
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