​We are on a mission to reinvent the coffee and tea industry. 


Positively impacting the coffee supply chain through sourcing directly, local roasting and sustainability
providing coffee that tastes good and does good. 



We believe that every single coffee bean comes from the devotion of the farmers. However, under the current supply chain system, the welfare of coffee farmers is often neglected.  


We believe in a fair price for all so we’ve simplified the supply chain. We buy our coffee directly from coffee farmers so we can pay them more for their coffee beans than they might receive the traditional way.


We believe in investing in the future, in the land and in the people who will become our future. 
We believe through all this we are serving God and we want to make sure that all we do through this business honors Him.


Choosing our coffee means that farmers have the funds to hire labor and create jobs for the young generation. By choosing our coffee, you have already made an impact.


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