Kenya is the largest producer of tea in the African continent growing a large variety of single-estate teas ranging from black tea, white tea, green tea and purple tea. Kenyan teas are grown on the highlands as the high altitude, fertile soils and temperate climate brings out a brisk, natural flavour and bright colour in the tea.


Kenyan Tea comes from the leaves of one plant, Camellia sinensis.
The flavours of the tea are extracted during processing, specifically Black Tea is fully oxidized giving it a more full-bodied and robust taste, Green Tea is partially oxidized giving it a more delicate fresh taste while White Tea is minimally processed giving it a more delicate flavour.


Black tea is full bodied and famous for its brightness, brisk flavour, textures and delicate and fragrant aroma. Available in 250g packets.


Quantity : 1 x 100 Teabags 

Green Tea is characterised by a delicate taste, light green colour and is very refreshing.
Available in 250g packets.


Quantity : 1 x 100 Teabags 

Ginger Tea is a delicate balance of light  black tea and fragrant ginger. It produces an aromatic tangy tea. Available in 250g packets


Quantity : 1 x 100 Teabags 

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